The Writing Process and Traits of Effective Writing

The Writing Process

  1. Prewriting
    1. Time to think
      1. What do I want to say?
      2. How do I want to say it?
      3. Who will read my writing?
      4. What else do I need to know to begin?
      5. Who Can I talk to about my ideas?
  2. Drafting
    1. Time to write it down
      1. Are my thoughts organized?
      2. Which ideas do I want to develop?
      3. In what order do I want to say them?
      4. Who can read this an offer suggestions?
  3. Revising
    1. Time to improve my writing
      1. Have I read what I have written?
      2. Are my details clear?
      3. Should I add or take out parts?
      4. Have I used the best ideas and words?
      5. Is my writing is a sensible order?
      6. What suggestions have others made?
  4. Editing
    1. Time to make things correct
      1. Have I used complete sentences?
      2. Are my spelling, capitalization, and punctuation correct?
      3. Have I marked corrections that I need?
      4. Has someone checked my work?
      5. Do I have a correct and neat copy?
  5. Publishing
    1. Time to share my writing
      1. Should I illustrate it and display it?
      2. Should I bind it in a book?
      3. Should I read it out loud?
      4. Can I place it in a classroom library?
      5. Will I act it out?

Traits of effective writing

  1. Ideas
    1. What it's about.   
  2. Organization
    1. How it's put together.
  3. Voice
    1. In your own words.  
  4. Word Choice
    1. Good use of vocabulary.
  5. Fluency
    1. Does it sound right when read aloud?
  6. Convention
    1. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.
  7. Presentation
    1. How does it look? Can you read the handwriting?

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